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Ok, I just have to rant. I've been getting steadily more frustrated with S&S. I love RPing, I love the ability to change the plots to what I want, and I love having everyone who is there to be active in plots, creating ideas, etc.

But something's been bugging me for about as long as I created S&S. In fact, after raising Fahima, I changed the raising requirements to try to suit this 'something' a bit more by half-heartedly meeting it halfway. But there's no luck. I am just simply losing fun in the way S&S is structured.

*deep breath*

We are getting rid of forced ranks. In fact, most admins don't know this yet, let alone any members. No one's going to be forced to RP for months on end as a novice anymore. No one is going to be required to spend almost a year to get their character to the top rank. Its just ridiculous to spend that kind of time in grunt work when, really, most people have RL to deal with - work, family, classes, what have you - and then ALL their time ends up being spent in grunt work.

Some peope may be happy in RPing their novice having a spat in the kitchens or scrubbing pots for some random show of disrespect for an Aes Sedai.

Most novices in the books did this. They studied for years, they got in trouble, they scrubbed pots, repeat.

Fine. Lets have our NPCs do that. In the back of our minds, lets just let all of those fictional characters do all the grunt work. Let's face it: why do we have to have our characters go through inane things? Boredom? Who should be forced to rp something that isn't 100% exciting and unique? None of our characters should be used as filler. We should be somehting more... not ta'veren but at least shape major events.

Have our character's worth something.

Be involved in things like.. war? runaways? kidnappings? black ajah and raven shen and darkfriends? assassinations? political maneuverings?

We have some huge events set up at S&S, but since most of our active members are stuck as novices or soldiers or recruits, they can't yet be a part of it, at least, not until we bring the plot to them. It's so constricting. I feel like I am putting a noose around my Accepted charrie's throat everytime I try to RP with her. I am almost burnt out trying to think up imaginative things for her to do as Accepted: in my mind, if she were Aes Sedai, there'd be some interesting things for her to do. But as Accepted? Nope.

Not only that... but we lack PC top tier characters so bad... we need more Aes Sedai of the whatever Ajah. A plot Cursor has may fold because, simply, we cannot find an active Aes Sedai that will fit into a space in his plot. How sad? At least five really active novices, and none of them can fill that spot.

So I'm tired of having to juggle rules. RPing is fun. If you can prove that you can RP with a suitablely realistic character, why should you have to keep proving it steadily and slowly over the course of six-eight months to get them to the top rank? By which time you are burnt out and bored?

No more forced tiers. No more raising requirements. No more IC status *at all*

That doesn't mean I'll go easy on people - actually, I'll probably be harder on new characters. Actually, I'll be harder on a lot of things, stricter in roleplay guidelines such as plot development. But it'll still be freer in the sense that there won't be the same limitations. And everyone will be involved in the major sitewide plots, which are currently only open to SMs whose characters have the freedom to travel around and politicize.

I won't be surprised if I lose some people because of this. In fact, I once agreed that forced ranks were necessary to get and keep members. But now I've realized that if I don't keep rping, then there won't be an S&S, and I won't keep RPing if forced ranks stay. So adios to them in the very near future.

So for those lucky enough to bother checking the LJ rant... then you'll know that (should admins and mods all reply to my rough draft in a timely manner) a new set of rules will be in place. And with it will be a bigger change in the attitude at S&S: its all about the story.
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